H.C. Andersen
The Fairy Tale of my Life

Hans Christian Andersen's autobiography »The Fairy Tale of my Life« was first published in Danish on 19 July 1855.

In celebration of the 200 years birthday of Hans Christian Andersen, Odense City Museums and the HCA2005 foundation have published scans of the original manuscript to »The Fairy Tale of My Life « on the internet.

My life is a beautiful fairytale, so eventful has it been and wondrous happy. Even if, when I was a boy and went forth into the world poor and friendless, a good fairy had met me and said, "Choose thy own course through life and the object for which thou wilt strive, and then, according to the development of thy mind, and as reason requires, I will guide and defend thee," my fate could not have been more wisely and happily directed. The story of my life will tell the world what it tells me: - There is a loving God who directs all things for the best.